Thursday, January 23, 2014

Design Goals for a Great 2014!

Hopefully you all enjoyed Thursday's post about getting organized, and were able to make some progress in your homes and offices!  Simply beginning the organization process really allows you to see the design changes that need to be made to improve your daily life.

Now it's time to determine what you want to accomplish in your home or office in 2014.  Perhaps you would like to be able to host more gatherings or dinner parties in your kitchen/dining room.  Or maybe you need a more professional space to meet with clients in your office.

Change can bring new and exciting opportunities!  If you are ready to make these changes, contact for a consultation.  Whether you are interesting in a renovation, remodel, or simply a redesign within your current space, I can help you make the correct selections for your specific needs.

Here are some tips I share with my clients when collaborating on design decisions and selections:

  1. Have a Plan: Know ahead of time what you are looking for and where you will be placing the pieces.

  2. Have a space plan in hand, that way you will know the size and scale of each piece and where it will be placed.

  3. Select the main piece first; this is usually the piece that will ground your room and dictate the decor.

  4. Buy pieces that are the right proportion for the room and to each other.

  5. Select a paint color or wall covering that will complement the colors you are using in your room.

  6. Remember to layer your window treatments for privacy, sun protection and beauty.

  7. Select the proper window treatment and hardware to bring attention to architectural features or to either accentuate the positives in the room or eliminate the negatives.

  8. Lighting is critical, remember to light each room for function, task and mood.

  9. Art is personal, when you have a piece you love, make sure it is properly framed, displayed and lit.
     10.  Accessories are the jewelry we add to our homes. Of course knowing when and where to stop    
           is key to achieving a beautiful space. By selecting accessories that mean something to you,   
           you will personalize your room. 

Have a great weekend!

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