Friday, September 7, 2012

DIY Secrets as seen in the Charlotte Observer

                  Thank YOU Charlotte Observer

                                                     Preserved Botanical Arrangements

 It's not everyday you get published in your local paper, but I was certainly thrilled to see my article featured on the top fold of September 1st Home & Garden section.
They called a few weeks ago and asked a couple of questions, if you didn't get a chance to see it in the paper,  I will share them with you.

What is your DIY secret weapon?
My DIY Secret weapon is always a great flower arrangement.  Whether as a centerpiece in a dining room or on a table in any room, flowers breath life and color into a space.  An elegant orchid placed in a beautiful container, an arrangement of fresh roses from your garden or preserved botanicals, I love bringing the outdoors in, adding life to every room.

These roses actually came from my garden and not only do they look beautiful, they also smell lovely.

There are two arrangements used in this dining room, the first is on the right and it's just a great looking large glass container with an over sized leaf and fabulous ornamental twigs.

The arrangement featured against the wall was made in a great looking copper pot and it is filled with a combination of herbs and plants and accented with a white pumpkin and great vine.   Always look for the best container, bring the outdoors in and let your imagination go. 

Take your room to the next level, it's all in the finishing touch.
If you find yourself out of great ideas, I am happy to help you.

To read the article visit Charlotte Observer

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