Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grey, the new neutral

As I was sitting on the beach over the weekend, I was in awe of how nature is such an inspirations in design. 

The color palette around me was amazing.  Sea weeds had washed up on the beach and in late afternoon light was bouncing everywhere. 

The Dijon color of the seaweed against the gray beach with blues and greens reflecting from the water were just beautiful.   There were splashes of white as the water rippled in.  The white was subtle yet striking.

GREY is the new neutral
I wanted to share with you how adding a touch of a color to a neutral pallette can liven up a space and turn a room into a beautiful and fun place.  Grey is not limited, it can read contemporary or transitional.  It's all how you pull it together.


In the photo below Jennifer Brouwer did a beautiful job in this living spaces combining different shades of grey in solids and textures and adding that POP of sunshine.  As on the beach, you see the touches of white in the wooden blinds, the lamp shades, vases and base boards that all play their part in bringing the room together. 

Why this room works:

Again, we see a beautiful example of how that pop of sunshine whether it be Dijon, yellow or mustard combined with the neutral greys and the balance of white complement each other.  The dark woods of the floor and furniture set the stage and allow light to dance around the room.  I think Martha did a beautiful job in this room and I especially like the unexpected red chair by the piano.

As I stood up to take pictures, I could not help but realize how even my fuchsia beach chair just POPED against the grays and mustard's. 

When I came across Niki's photo, I thought VOILA how cool!
I love the way the Fuschia accents on the back of the book shelf and the club chairs add so much fun to a room.

Add color to your life, it's a sure way to put a smile on your face.

Share some of your thoughts or pictures of a grey and a pop of color with me, I'd like to smile

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