Thursday, September 27, 2012

Interior Design is so much fun



Whenever I tell people I am an Interior designer, they all say  "your job is so much fun" and it is, especially when I get to see new collections. 

I recently previewed the  Fall  Phillip Jeffries  Passport Collection.  Phillip Jeffries is a leading wall paper manufacturer of natural, textured and specialty wall coverings.
While the collection was being released, I was meeting with Connie their NC rep and received a personal presentation of the new Passport Collection.  I have to say, it's ABSOLUTELY Beautiful! I think the graphics and the pallettes are very chic.  I hope you will visit their website and fall in love with the unique "boldly scaled designs" of the Passport Collection.

Passport Collection

I'll share a few of the papers I fell in love with.

This was one of my very favorites, the color below is Dove & Taupe and this paper is available in 9 colorways.  I like the color palette and the bold graphics, it's classic yet contemporary

BOHEMIAN BANGLES is a series of large circles with each circle being 9.75".


CHINOIS OUR WAY  I love the updated look given to the Chinoiserie paper, the color combinations are just spectacular.


Phillip Jeffries
         I loved the colors, crisp and fresh.
Tease is available in 9 colorways and is printed on Linen, Jute  and Manilla Hemp.

The paper is hand printed by Artisans in the US for a "unique handcafted effect".

CHAIN LINK  is available in 13 Colorways.  When I saw the orange photograph of Chain Link, I was reminded of a recent article I read that said Orange was the hottest color in the South East.

The papers are printed on natural fiber and therefore create a hand stenciled look with slight variations in the texture and color.  These variations are to be expected and are part of the natural beauty of handprinting on natural wallcoverings.  The art of hand-printed wallcoverings is what makes the papers so special.

By the end of our meeting, I just could not decide which one I liked best.  They are all so beautiful!  
Thank you Connie for sharing the Passport Collection from Phillip Jeffries with me.

I hope you love this collection as much as I did.  I can't wait to hear what you have to say.   Is there a particular paper you fell in love with? Let us know and share with us as to why it excites you.   

What's not to love about my job, I get to work with great people and share  the beautiful creations  available to all of us.  

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