Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Create Wall Chic with Art Galleries

One of the hottest trends in home decor is creating spectacular walls with an      Art Gallery picture arrangements.

 If your wondering how designers do it.  I'm going to share a few tips to help you create Wall Chic!

Planning is key!
Don't start hammering right away or you'll have too many holes and an uneven, imbalanced display of art.  Find the right size wall for the right pieces.  Measure it out so you know the amount of space you are working with.  Remember, AVOID direct sunlight.

Personalize your home by showcasing the things you love
Begin by selecting the pictures, art or mementos you would like to group together.  Create a story or grouping of pictures and artwork that share something in common.  Grouping collections of photos and art tend to add interest.  It's all about BALANCE not just the SIZE of the artwork

Arrange   Arrange all of your pieces on the floor
You want to create balance as well as a story.  Lay them out on the floor  placing the largest piece in the center as the focal point and work out.  The center piece should be hung  60-65" off the floor to the center of the artwork.  Other pieces will hang lower and higher depending on the look you want.   It is really helpful to make a note of the distance between each picture and that should not exceed 5".  If your hanging pieces over furniture, leave at least 8" between the bottom of the frame and your furniture

Now, take a step back and admire!

*The arrangement should read as one piece,  something like putting a jigsaw puzzle together

Here are a few of my favorites,
 what I love about them and why they work

I started with Pinterest and had to stop before I got a little carried away.

I love this wall color, it adds drama and really lets the black and white photographs POP.

Great Walls on Pinterest

This black and white wall gallery by Charlotte Moss shows great balance of frame sizes


If you love symmetry, this arrangement is for you.  By placing the largest piece in the center and the botanicals symmetrically placed on either side create a wonderful story on this Southern Accents wall.

This stairway gallery reflects the homeowners taste in art and personality

This photograph from Southern Accents is the quintessential balance of color and symmetry

The photograph below shows a unique way to create a wall gallery using a rod and hanging the paintings, black & whites and pencil drawings from either small chains or coils as you see in museums

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