Thursday, April 12, 2018

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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To thrive in place or to go elsewhere seems to be the talk of the town for Baby Boomers. As the market continues to restore itself from the fall in 2007, it’s not selling that seems to be the problem, but finding a home that meets all your needs. On March 29, Mike Collins discussed the rise of Charlotte’s market.Collins and guests focused on the inventory available in the surrounding areas, and the price tag that comes attached.

What's next?

As you decide what you want to do with your home, although selling may seem appealing, trying to find the home that meets all your needs as you transition into each stage in life, can be difficult to find. What we find now, are most homeowners are wanting to remain in their homes because of the desire for the neighborhood and the low price point once retirement takes precedence.

How can we help?

It’s not only listening to what you want, but determining how to incorporate changes that promote independence, active living, and sophistication. Creating functional rooms that allows ease as you transition through each life stage.


Option 1: Is it feasible to make your current home work for you?

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Option 2: What changes can be made to your existing home that offers both support and independence?

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Option 3: Are we remodeling an entire floor that offers the freedom of choice and space design?

The choice is yours!

We're here to tell you that you don’t have to uproot your life, you can make what you currently own accessible, allowing you to remain independent in your daily life.

Transitioning? Let us help you get started!

Colorfully yours,

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