Thursday, April 5, 2018

First impressions: Dehli, Jaipur & Agra (Part 1)

Day one began in Delhi.

Liv, Karin, and I made an appointment at the spa, not something you would imagine beginning an adventure with but something I would highly recommend! A good head and neck massage is the cure-all for jet lag.

The very first thing I noticed, is that men seem to do all of the work in India. They are everywhere and doing everything from massaging and hairstyling to waiting tables and housekeeping. It's interesting to see what we are accustom to in the states, although the act is the same, be carried out differently elsewhere.

After our morning of being pampered by men, we went to the Kahn market.

The Kahn Market, to my surprise, is one of the most expensive commercial real estate locations in Delhi due to it's proximity to the embassies. The market houses a wide variety of shops, some we recognized, and sold anything from jewelry to fabric to food.

Our last stop was a lovely shop called Good Earth which contained three levels of pure desire; a chic boutique, a home goods store, and a posh little restaurant.

Aren't these cushions beautiful? Many of the pieces you find in India are personally crafted by hand. These cushions in particular are hand painted on linen.

The restaurant at Good Earth was lovely. My eyes would not stop moving. I was distracted by the wallpaper selections, the color of the ceiling, and the saree's worn by those nearby. There's truly nothing like it. 

Stay tuned for more first impressions as Liv, Karin and I travel to Jaipur and Agra. There's so much more to share as we continued our journey and learned more about the textiles of India.

Until then,

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