Saturday, August 27, 2016

Diary of a Kiawah Cottage Remodel and Introducing Hillary

Diary of a Kiawah Cottage Remodel

Kiawah, SC a sea island located near Charleston, SC. My husband and I have a cottage in the historic district of Kiawah.  In Kiawah you either have historic cottages or  new homes. This house came into our lives very unexpectedly through a friend of my husbands nine years ago.  It is a very comfortable house and in a perfect location on West beach. We have loved and enjoyed it to the max, but it is in need of being updated.  After much planning we have finally embarked on the challenge of our remodel. I invite you to follow the progress of the remodel over the course of the next few months.

Let me begin the story by giving you some background on the house. Built in 1976, it is an original Kuwaity house. A style typical of the first homes on the island. Ours follows the trend of the location with ranch style homes, usually three bedrooms, a large living space and a screen porch with a deck. 

A home remodel on every job begins with lots of planning.  Our planning began two years ago with big dreams of a complete remodel to enlarge the house in order to accommodate our large family. Our initial plans included adding a garage with a bedroom and bathroom above it, expanding the kitchen, redoing the bathrooms etc.

Reality set in after the bids went out and the contractors came back with pricing. Needless to say after two years we have scaled back the plans and we are now doing a face lift on the house as opposed to a complete remodel.

The packing is done and the demo has begun. Stay tuned!

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