Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Are You Contemporary?

Sleek clean lines, high sheen, natural finishes, dramatic or colorful finishes, and flat cabinetry are just a few signs you're loving a contemporary kitchen.  To nail this minimalist look your selections are key!  We especially love seeing this look in smaller spaces, as it serves as a highly functional look to maximize your space.  If you’re ready to take the plunge and update your own traditional look, here are a few good places to begin considering the transition.

Carefully selecting your materials can create just the mood you’re looking for.  Metal, concrete, glass, and wood veneer are just a few finishes that look fantastic in contemporary kitchens.  All are highly customizable to represent your tastes and lifestyle.  Selecting finishes with texture and movement can help warm up the more minimalist contemporary look.

This is your place to shine, pun totally intended!  Creating a total look can be achieved through carefully selected lighting fixtures.  Layering your lighting gives you both function and a noteworthy aesthetic that really enhances your space and keeps it from appearing cold.  Adding recessed cans for overall illumination and under cabinet LED strip lights to provide task lighting will help you achieve a thoughtful, layered look.  The minimal nature of a contemporary kitchen is an excellent opportunity to choose an oversized pendant or drum fixture and really make a statement.

Your finish selections here are are crucial to pulling off the look!  Sleek natural finishes and high sheen lacquers accented with frosted glass can help you create that contemporary feel.  There is also so much choice in color.  Think a daring chartreuse or bold cobalt!  And of course your hardware is another excellent way to personalize your kitchen with a variety of finishes in clean, sleek silhouettes.

Here in Charlotte we still love our decorative trim and faux finishes but there is a growing demand for contemporary kitchens, moving with the national and international design trends.  It’s exciting to really get to understand my clients’ and tastes and lifestyles and I always look forward to each unique project and their final unveiling.  Where do you land on contemporary kitchens?  We love to hear about your style!

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