Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cooking with Steam Ovens

Dare to Cook Differently

If you are one who loves to cook and focus on coooking healthy, the steam oven is the go to oven.

 Steam ovens combine steam and covection in order to cook quicker and healthier. They can be used to bake, roast, steam, heat and so much more.  Basically operating as both an oven and a microwave  combined into one appliance. 

As my friend Jan at our Subzero-Wolf showroom likes to say "A steam oven can do everything a microwave can except pop popcorn."
They are wonderful addition to a regular oven and perfectly suitable if you are planning a kitchen remodel or  thinking of downsizing.

Below I've included three of my favorite steam ovens and a few of the features they offer.

 30” M Series Convection Steam Oven:

-        Healthier way to cook: steam vegetables and retain up to 22% more vitamins
-        Cooking mode combines steam and convection
-        Senses size and amount of what your cooking for using digital technology
-        Large enough to roast a 15 lb turkey
-        Not plumbed. Has a tank for up to 90 mins of steam, can be refilled without interrupting
-       10 cooking modes. From chicken to brownies to asparagus
-       Delayed programmable start mode
-       Great for reheating leftovers without drying

The Thermador steam oven is available both as a steam oven and convection oven and as part of the 48 inch Professional series dual fuel steam range.

 Professional Series Steam and Convection Oven

-        Frameless Professional Design: restaurant style stainless steel knobs and handle
-        Stainless steel with powerful halogen lighting
          Large 1.4 cubic foot capacity
-        Cook control temperature probe
-        40 Easy Cook food programs. Pre programmed modes automatically set te oven temperature and humidity for perfect
      9 advanced cooking modes
-        Steam Clean assist keeps the oven spotless
-   1.4 qt water tank used for entire cooking cycle

 ContourLine Combi-Steam Oven DGC 6500 XL:

-         Probe is perfect for roasting
-         Convection, Steam and Combi
-         MasterChef Menu: offers over 150 food types to cook
-         24” Stainless steel cavity
-         Door handle moves with motion of your wrist for an ergonomic feel when operating
-         Date, Temperature and multilingual display
-         Blanch, can, reheat, bake, keep warm and many more!

      Do your research and find out which one is right for you. Let me know If you should need any help


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