Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Best of 2015: Lighting Trends

2015 was an exciting and diverse year for lighting trends.  Layering some of these trends can help you create that complete, polished look.  Effective lighting is all about finding the balance between form and function.  If one aspect isn’t quite right, it really will spread to your overlook.

LED Is Here To Stay
It’s easy to get behind LED technology with its ultra efficient energy consumption and lighting experts are forecasting it will dominate the consumer market for years to come.  LED is diverse and functional as an excellent source of ambient, decorative, and task lighting.  It has become extremely popular in kitchens highlighting cabinetry and display items, in bathrooms, and even to safely and effectively light your home’s walkways and exterior.

Copper Finish Fixtures
The October blog theme was in harmony with interiors trending to warm, cozy palettes, furniture, and fixtures in 2015.  Warm copper light fixtures saw their popularity in every room in the house and I love the polished sophistication this finish adds to a space!

Multi-Light Pendants
Multiple suspended pendants maintained their popularity throughout 2015.  They accommodate every style and allow you to create instant drama with varied denominations and suspension lengths.

Natural Finishes Rustic natural materials saw a lot of love this year in the world of light fixtures, especially when combined with glamorous elements like crystal.  And again, their versatility has made them popular, as their is a great for every style from traditional, transitional, to contemporary.

Are there any other lighting trends you noticed this year?  Any particular trend you are keen to see more of 2016?  We want to hear from you!  For more of the Best of 2015, don’t miss out on our dedicated Pinterest board!

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