Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Best of 2015: Decor Trends We Loved

I have to say, writing The Best of 2015 blogs has been so much fun!  It’s so interesting to look back over the year and see what really caught on, what stayed on top, and what fell off with trends!  Check out our look back over my observations on this years hottest looks.

Warm Tones
We have certainly highlighted throughout the year the popularity of warmer color palettes with brown undertones this year that defined popular flooring, wall finishes, furniture selections, and soft goods.  Even hardware turned warmer with trends favoring copper and antique bronze finishes.

Mixed Metallics
Fun, bold, and radiant, curated mixed metallics of gold, brushed nickel, antique bronze, copper, and rose gold were a vibrant addition to 2015’s trends.  This combination creates instant interest and oozes glamour.

It certainly was a big year for hair-on-hide rugs in their natural neutral tones or treated to add vibrant color with hints of metallic.

Agate & Geodes With Sparkle

Dominating small decor items like coasters and objets to large focal pieces like lighting fixtures and table tops, I so enjoyed the vibrant colors and sheens of agate and geodes.

Lovely Lacquered Finishes
High sheen was definitely “in” in 2015!  From sleek, contemporary cabinetry finishes to ultra chic case pieces this has to be one of my favorite trends, especially in bold accent hues.

Did you incorporate any of these trends to refresh your home or go all the way with a renovation?  Weigh in with your thoughts on our message board!

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