Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cozy Up With Your Soft Goods

When you think of a cozy living room, you can easily imagine a sofa you practically seem to sink into!  Being engulfed in such soft textures will make your Netflix movie hard to stay awake through!  Once you have direction with your sofa selection, you can add comfort and enhance your style with your soft good selections.  Pillows and throws help pull together that luxurious feel.

When selecting pillow size it’s important to remember that a larger sized pillow will give you the lounge look and feel.  Too big can of course be overwhelming and considering the amount of pillows you actually need versus ones that simply get in the way.

Whether it’s a pillow or throw, a soft, supple texture will invite you to snuggle up.  And luckily there lots of options for thicker, more luxurious fabrics that are also extremely durable!  Think wool, velvet, faux fur to add pleasing textures even a pouf to prop your feet for that perfect recline position.

I hope you are enjoying cozying up with me as we put together all the puzzle pieces to build your favorite lounge spaces!  Check out some of more Cozy Pinspiration here!

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