Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Cleaning: Feng Shui Style

            As the weather heat up, I know it’s everyone’s favorite time of the year: Spring Cleaning.  Lately I have been refreshing myself on feng shui principles to use for some fabulous of clients of mine and it has me thinking how to add the principles to re-energizing your home this spring!  Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art practice of placement and harmony between a person and their surrounds.  Energy flows within a space, so creating a harmonious area encourages the flow of positive energy and decreases the negative.  It’s amazing how much good design principles work and feng shui have in common and even more so with your home organization!  Here are some tips for you to reinvigorate your home this spring!

Open Your Doors & Windows

Now that spring is here, let the breeze move through your house and clear out the old, stagnant air.  It’s great to focus on the areas that usually don’t get a chance “to breathe,” so keep your closet door open and allow a good amount of time for air to circulate throughout those harder to reach spaces.  Your front door is especially important as it is “the mouth” to the energy that flows through your home.


Clutter correlates with stress and it doesn’t take a feng shui expert to say DUH to that!  Hanging onto the past bogs you down.  Spend time weeding through your closet.  Clear out those places where the junk seems to accumulate like your coffee, table, nightstand, or that dreaded “junk drawer” in the kitchen.  Metaphorically, you can’t accept new experiences if you’re already full, so allow yourself that extra space to invite new and exciting experiences!

Create Your Power Spot

Your “power spot” is an area that can inspire, relax, or nurture you but mostly importantly, it's a space just for you!  You can create a power spot by choosing objects or colors that have symbolic meaning to you and most of the time, that’s already in your home.  

Celebrate the Season

Consider spicing up a few of your rooms with seasonal accents.  From putting a bowl of fresh, season fruit out in the kitchen to a new potted plant, you can re-energize your home with a few small touches that embrace the season.  Mirrors are an interesting principle in feng shui, as they are reflective they can disperse energy throughout your home.  Consider placing them to maximize the spring and summer daylight in your home!

            One of my favorite elements of feng shui is the personal quality.  Certainly there are guiding principles, but everyone’s needs are different and feng shui caters to that.  I hope you are able to use some of these ideas to make your Spring Cleaning go the extra mile!

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