Thursday, March 5, 2015

Spotlight: Sustainable Interior Design with Kirei Products

             As a designer, I am delighted to see the growing selection of sustainable products available for residences and commercial application.  With the increased availability of eco-friendly construction materials, appliances, furniture, and décor, a healthier, more sustainable home is more accessible and affordable than ever.  As the movement gains momentum, there is no reason to settle for an interior that isn’t beautiful, functional, healthy, and good for the environment.  One exciting company that is leading the way in beautiful, sustainable products is Kirei.  Not only does Kirei make their products from low-impact, sustainable materials but they also provide fair wages at all levels of their company, which is domestically produced and operated.  My two favorite products have to be the Kirei Board and Coco products!  They both show you just how much fun you can have going green!  

Kirei Board

A sustainable wood substitute made from sorghum stalks, which are rapidly renewable and do not further deforestation in the United States.  Kirei also boasts non-formaldeheyde adhesives and zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), both of which can adversely affect the air quality in your home and are surprisingly common.  Kirei Board can be used furniture, cabinetry, flooring, wall covering, finished décor. 

 Kirei Coco

Made from reclaimed coconut shells, Coco has low to zero VOC adhesives and finishes.  I especially like Coco because of its beautiful and versatile applications that give such a unique look to spaces its used in. 

            I hope to share more exciting ways to green your home, which ultimately can save you money, improve your health, and let’s not forget our favorite part…save the planet!  Would you use these materials or finishes in your home? 

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