Thursday, January 29, 2015

Say Good-Bye to Your Bland Home Office!

            Who said your home office has to be formal and boring?  The psychological effects of color have been heavily explored, so why not bring some of those principles to your home office.  Stimulate your brain, encourage creativity, and boost your productivity with a splash of color!  The type of color you pick can truly define your space, for instance, bold, saturated colors will stimulate your brain while muted choices will create a soothing atmosphere. 

We especially love using blue tones to stimulate the brain and get those juices flowing.  And a splash of red or yellow can be just trick to inspire creativity and get your blood pumping, keeping you engaged and productive.  Green reminds the brain of nature, creating a soothing effect. Are you thinking about updating your home office? We can help!  Be sure to check out our Pinterest board on Colorful Home Offices!

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