Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Add Some Pizzaz with Color

Adding a splash of color can breathe optimism or tranquility into any space and can be achieved by first prioritizing the mood you would like to feel in that space, as well as understanding the light.  We all know that color can express different moods, for example a bright, saturated orange exudes vivacity and excitement, whereas a softer, more muted tone can bring a calming effect.  Considering the right color for your space is crucial to effectively use your desired color to create the right effect. 

“Your home should be like a good dose of Zoloft.”- Jonathan Adler

            Use color the way you would like to see it and allow it to create the desired emotional effect.  Think about more vibrant, energetic colors for spaces like your living room where there is lots of activity and maybe a more soothing hue in your bedroom retreat.

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