Thursday, November 6, 2014

Exploring Leather Wall Panels in Residential Design

            Earlier this week I attended a presentation given by Garrett Leather at Karen Saks and learned about some exciting ways to use leather in interiors and boy, are the creative juices flowing!  Garrett produces high-end, exquisite leathers for many different applications, from wall coverings, to decorative pieces, and flooring.  Leather gives such a rich, sophisticated to look to any space and with so many different styles to chose from, there is always one that is just right for any project.  Hair on hide is maintaining its popularity and I absolutely adore the colorations or splash of metallic that we are seeing in these products.  Here are a few of the swatches Garrett displayed:

            To better imagine what leather wall panels can truly bring to a space, here are a few applications of leather in residences that show the sophisticated and exciting versatility of leather wall panels. 

            Could you see leather panels in your office or a feature wall in your foyer?  I would love to use some of these exciting products in a future project!

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