Thursday, November 20, 2014

Create Your Thanksgiving Table Setting!

            I’m sure everyone is gearing up for Thanksgiving and making final menu plans and getting excited for the extended family to come into town.  I have been thinking about my own Thanksgiving table setting, which I always like to think about in a methodical way.  Going through my checklist ensure a finished table that will be well thought out and really knock your guests’ socks off!  Here are a few guiding thoughts on making your own Thanksgiving table setting.

            Pick Out Your Table Covering
            Whether you plan on a tablecloth or placemats, build your setting around
            this base, which will help bring continuity to your table.  Whether you’re
            going traditional or contemporary, this will be your backbone!

            Cutlery, China, and Napkins
            Pick out your cutlery and china and think about how you would like to
            arrange them.   I love Emily Post etiquette guides and here is a quick go to
            for your cutlery and china arrangement. Whether you have an elaborate fold
            or fun napkin ring, don’t forget to make yours an addition!

            Select your glasses for display.  If you have more than one type of glass at
            your table, it’s always convenient to put the most used glass most accessible.

            Place Cards
            They really add extra pizzazz to your table and make a complete look!

            Consider Your Serving Style
            Whether you go for a buffet style setting on an adjacent table or layout the
            your serving dishes, consider where your dishes will go and that they are
            accessible to your guests!

I have been searching for inspiration to keep my own table fun and exciting for this Thanksgiving and I have to share some of my favorite table settings to get you inspired to! 

I’d love to see pictures from you Thanksgiving table!  Please share yours in our comments and we will feature them on our Thanksgiving post!

Have a great day,

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