Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Smart Home Reality

For our final post in honor of the men we love this June we thought it would be interesting to discuss the different forms of technology we rely on. Their presence is in almost every room, creating a centralized unit that broadcasts TV and music to every room in your house. With the smart technology it eliminates that clunky box that takes up space. The same system can even broadcast for outdoor entertainment! Creating an ideal sound system is the tip of the iceberg, you can create a complete Smart Home controlling your home security system, interior and exterior lighting, and your heating and cooling system.

With so many options to take advantage of, it can be difficult to navigate but that's where we come in! Creating a functional, convenient system to suit your lifestyle with a polished aesthetic will give you more time to spend on things you love, making your home the entertainment destination. Here are a few media rooms we love to get you inspired!

Via BuzzFeed


Have you ever considered a Smart Home?  Has yours system enhanced you life?  We would love to hear your experiences!

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