Thursday, May 5, 2016

Keeping up with your Curb Appeal!

As you are preparing your garden for the summer it is important not to overlook the garage. It plays a large role in the curb appeal of your home. One simple way to enhance this and simultaneously increase your home value is to kiss good bye to your old, drab garage door and create something that will add to the stunning silhouette of your home. Your garage renovation will of course be part of your larger structure so considering the architectural style of your home is key to enhancing it.  And we aren’t simply talking about trading out that garage door but expanding, enhancing, and polishing your home’s exterior look.  This can be achieved through adding a beautiful pergola, stunning color, or chic hardware.  And there is certainly a look for every style of home, complementing traditional, transitional, and contemporary.  Check out some of our favorite finds!




  For even more inspiration for your home’s exterior check out our Curb Appeal Pinterest board for fresh ideas to re-envision your home.  And we want to hear your story!  Recently renovated your own garage?  Share your before and after photos on our message board!

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