Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bringing the Outdoors Inside: Adding Floral Prints to Your Powder Room

The buzz that wallpaper is back is all around!  The Charlotte Observer recently ran a special edition all about what wallpaper can bring to your home.  Wallpaper adds color, pattern and texture that paint simply can’t give you and on top of that, it can end up saving you money when creating a polished look! The fabulously talented Traci Zeller put it best: “Wallpaper provides a great backdrop in a room.  When you have a bold wallpaper you don’t need a lot of art.”  Your wallpaper fills that decorative niche artwork does and can come in at a much lower price tag. 

The options with wallpaper are so diverse, from textured grasscloths to bold prints, there is something for everyone and can be used in any space.  And if you’re not ready to commit to a bold print on every wall, an accent wall can be just the ticket!  And with spring blooming in full force, why not consider keeping that beauty all year long!  Here are some of our favorite floral prints that can give your powder room a beautiful, natural feel.

The final image is a powder room I just completed and I absolutely love the print!  Are you eager to get on board with wallpaper?

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