Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2014 Emmy Awards

            We all look forward to seeing the gorgeous gowns every time an awards show rolls around, and this years’ Emmy Awards did not disappoint!  I had to have my morning cup of coffee looking back over each red carpet look. I felt so inspired by the texture, colors, and details, I wanted to share some of my favorite styles and their interior inspiration.


Nothing says sophistication and classic elegance like some of the gorgeous black and white gowns from last night.  Achromatic interiors create a crisp, sleek contemporary space or a more traditional or rustic look.  So many possibilities!


          Warren Barnett Interiors

       Flashes of coral were everywhere on the red carpet!  I so enjoyed the fun flair it gave to many of the dresses as well as its interior possibilities. The versatility of coral always draws me in, from a fun and vivacious accent color to a deeper, peachy manifestation so lovely in traditional spaces. 

            One of my favorite parts of being a designer is the infinite amount of inspiration to be had.  I hope you were just as delighted and inspired today!

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