Thursday, June 19, 2014

Couture Knots Visit

            Today I visited Couture Knots in Southend and had the pleasure to meet with Ali, the owner of this fantastic new showroom.  Couture Knots carries high-end, European style rugs to suit everyone’s taste!  There is a wide selection of contemporary and traditional rugs in a vast array of exciting colors, textures, and materials.  All rugs carried at Couture Knots are handmade, and many of the Tibetan and Berber rug offerings boast contemporary designs while maintaining the integrity of traditional craftsmanship.

      Many of the contemporary Jan Kath rug designs struck me.  Ali informed me that Kath is known for sprinkling metal into the fibers of his creations to add a unique texture and quality to his pieces.  In many of his designs, you can find the varied pile height, which creates fantastic texture and are in high demand.  Also, viewing the classic “Japanese Floral” print of Florence Broadhurst in coral was brilliant. 

            It was a pleasure to explore Couture Knots and meet Ali.  It is exciting to have this new addition to Charlotte’s design community and I will look forward to my next visit.  What are your thoughts on some of these selections? I look forward to hearing from you!

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