Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cook Quickly with Convection & Stem!

I recently attended a demonstration for the latest line of Sub-Zero Wolf kitchen appliances!  I was especially impressed with the new ovens!  The Sub-Zero Wolf representative did a cooking demonstration using the Convection Steam Oven.  It is compact in size and uses a combination of steam, dry heat, and convection air flow to create amazing results.  The use of steam preserves the natural nutrients of food, and combined with convection, can brown meats and sauté vegetables without using butter or oil!  The use of steam is also the secret to bakery style bread with that perfect crackling crust.

Sub-Zero Wolf Convection Steam Oven

This oven also features automatic modes and custom manual functions, eliminating the guesswork when preparing a meal.  These built-in cooking modes allow this oven to do the work of multiple appliances and pots and pans.  It can sauté, boil, and simmer as on a cooktop, and bake, roast, or even fry without oil.  The custom manual functions allow you to input the cook time and method for your own recipes, where they are stored for future with a press of a button.

This oven also cooks and preheats extremely fast.  The speed and smaller size make it the perfect appliance for empty nesters or smaller kitchens.  If you are downsizing, this oven can do it all without taking up the space of a conventionally sized oven.  For a large family, it is a great addition to a conventional oven to create a double stacked set!

Sub-Zero Wolf Convection Steam Oven with automatic modes

This innovative oven decreases cook time and improves the quality and taste of your meals.  The built-in features also eliminate guess work and stress during preparation.  If you need to update your kitchen, contact me at for a consultation.  I can help you choose appliances and incorporate them into a design that is both functional and beautiful.

Have a great weekend!

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