Thursday, October 3, 2013

Business of Design Conference at Wynn Las Vegas!

Back in August I attended the 10th Annual Business of Design Conference at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas!  It was a great opportunity to meet other designers and learn new strategies to improve my business.

One of the biggest treats of the conference was hearing from Roger Thomas, the designer of the Wynn Las Vegas and Encore at Wynn.  As the executive VP of design for Wynn Design and Development, Thomas travels the world to find unique accessories and accents, and carries a notebook to take down any inspiration.  During his presentation, Thomas said he is "looking for magic" when choosing accents and accessories for a space.  He discussed that hospitality is about making memories, so when designing a hotel, he is creating moments for everyone who experiences his designs.

Thomas's goal is to create moments for hotel guests with these floral designs with bright vivid colors.

The hotel entry way has beautiful hanging flowers, lit trees, and a flowered walkway.

Left: One of Thomas's special finds: an antique Suzani framed fabric from Turkey
Right:  High chromium painted stainless steel tulips by American Artist Jeff Koons
Antique tapestry

Gorgeous handmade Swarovski crystal peacock.
This space is full of beautiful details, especially the dragon made of Swarovski crystals

The largest lamp I have every seen, what a unique find!

For Thomas, every room is a collection of details.  I experienced this when walking through the hotels.  From the bathrooms to the hardware, no detail was ignored.

Left:  Every piece of hardware has detail and decorative flair.
Right:  Even the luggage carts were not ignored, they were designed to match the lobby and complete the experience

The intricate moldings and paper lanterns add to the magic of the design.

Each bathroom has a unique design
Roger Thomas's design of the Wynn & Encore truly created a magical experience.  His designs and insights were very inspiring.

Traveling is a great way to get design inspiration for your home or office.  Hotels and resorts often use  whimsical or fantastical designs with unique art, bright colors, and daring patterns.  Although the design of a hotels are difficult to translate to a home or office (especially in Vegas!), they show us that a special design can create an experience, and no detail is too small.

If your home or office is lacking personality, individuality, or unique finishes, contact me at for a consultation.

Have a great weekend!

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