Thursday, September 12, 2013

Through the Home: Foyers

The foyer of a home is the first room seen when entering, and the last when exiting.  As the room that holds the first and last impression for guests, it is important to give the design of your foyer proper attention.  A well designed foyer is not only ascetically pleasing, but also functional and welcoming.  The foyer pictured below is a great example of just that.
Mary Evelyn McKee
Why this foyer works:  The high ceilings and arched doorway provide a beautiful frame for the natural light streaming in.  Also, the hardware on the doors adds elegance, and the beautiful parquet wood floor creates depth.  While it is clear that this space is ascetically pleasing, it is also important to notice that it is very functional.  Placing chairs in the foyer creates a very welcoming atmosphere, while the mirror above the console allows homeowners or guests to check their appearance as they enter or exit the home.

Foyers are often neglected or overlooked, but with the right design, this tricky space can be transformed into a beautiful and functional part of your home!  If you need help designing your foyer, contact me at for a consultation!

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