Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Festive centerpiece delights

WOW your guest with this easy to make centerpiece for your thanksgiving table. 
 I saw this darling centerpiece in Better Homes & Garden and thought, it's perfect!

Better Homes & Garden

They called them "Tabletop 'Mumkins'", now that's cute.

Mum's the word when dressing up a pumpkin. To make these bright orbs, cut a lid and remove the seeds and the pulp. Using a nail, make holes just large enough for the flower stems to fit through and insert the flowers.  Now you know they're not going to last too long, but they sure will make a statement

Another option is to get a great container, one you might have sitting around, add an oasis ball soaked in water and gradually cover it with fresh mums.  Set it in the container and mist it periodically.  This should last you through the holiday weekend.

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