Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring in the Carolinas


              Spring in the Carolina's

 You could say I've been on spring break or a bloggers vacation, or simply been   to  busy to blog.  All of the above are true, so I'll ease into blogging by sharing the beauty of spring in the Carolina's.

Spring came early to Charlotte and with a big welcome.  I look so forward to spring despite the pollen that comes with it; the air is fresh, the colors are lovely and Charlotte looks spectacular!
There's  nothing more beautiful to me  than to look outside my windows and see the beauty of nature.  This Varnadoe pink Azalea has moved with me from two different locations.  It is the one plant in my garden I get the most excited to see bloom.

Varnadoe pink Azalea

The roses are in their glory!  I could not do it alone and if it weren't for Robert from The Perfect Rose, I would not enjoy the bounty of roses that bloom from March through November in my garden.

As an interior designer, I find it imperative to have the exterior of the home enhance the interiors.  Remember, it is the exterior we see first.   The colors seen through your windows should complement the colors inside your home.

  Charleston Home & Garden Tour
  Charleston, SC was in it's glory during the Charleston Home & Garden tour in March.  Make plans to attend next years garden tours.  You will be very happy you did.
These are just a few shots I took of the beautiful gardens
Serene backyard path

Repetition of plants unifies the garden; in home interiors, we use the repetition of color to bring unity. 

Vertical hanging garden       

Charleston version of an English garden

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