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What is happening in Kitchens for 2012?


                      Always the heart of the home!

Regardless of the decade, the kitchen has always been the heart of the home.  In the 1950's function was the primary concern to a well done kitchen.
Painted cabinets, Formica countertops, and brightly colored appliances placed in a Galley or U-shape, described the kitchen of the 1950's.  While doing some research for this blog post I found the neatest timeline of kitchens from the 1950's through the 90"s I'd love to share, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

What is happening in kitchens for 2012?
I recently attended a work shop at my local Sub-Zero Wolf showroom were we discussed the trends
for 2012.

The driving force in kitchens is lifestyle, how people chose to live in their spaces.

From Traditional kitchens

Kitchens by Rosa Dest Interiors

To more Contemporary Kitchens
Modern Kitchen Design Ideas
The trend is to make your kitchen all about YOU
Have you ever noticed that everyone always seems to congregrate in the kitchen, it is the hub of the home.  Kitchens have become "kitchen-centric" spaces, meaning a more lifestyle inclusive kitchen and serving as the family's hub for leisure, work, and entertaining and of course the utilitarian roles.
Kitchens are being incorporated into the architecture of the house creating seamless rooms.  No longer just a work space now a living space

Courtesy of Sub-Zero
 I love the look of this kitchen, it feels inviting and comfortable.  Not just the place were you eat dinner but certainly a place to entertain and  hang out.

With the awareness of "Green" in our lives we are seeing a trend to focus on healthy living and wellness. We are seeing more and more use of raw, organic and natural materials in our kitchens.  There is less fuss and more attention to making a statement with design and creating a timeless kitchen. 

Courtesy of Sub-Zero
 The veining in this wood counter top and the raw edge finish give warmth to the contemporary setting.

Technology is certainly playing a big part in all of our lives and in our homes.  We are seeing touchless appliances, plugless counter top appliances and integrating ovens, cook tops and sinks only seen when in they are in use.

There is so much to think about, so if your thinking of renovating or updating your kitchen call a professional to help you get the kitchen of your dreams.  It's an investment in the end result

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