Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Re-Dazzle your home for the holidays

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         Re-dazzle your home for the holidays!  

Nothing says Welcome quite like the entrance to your home.  
The exterior and interior.  Make it inviting and spectacular.   

Dress up your entryway pots 

A natural evergreen, boxwood or magnolia wreath tied in your favorite holiday ribbon will make your front door look beautiful.

                  12/11 wreath  

As you walk in, make your foyer beautiful!  My friend  
Susan Stafford created the most beautiful centerpiece in her  
foyer.  The moss reindeer surrounded by paper whites and  
garland not only welcomes the holidays but is welcoming to friends. 

       12/11 Susans foyer

When it comes to our Trees, we all have ornaments that we've collected through the years; things our children have made (my favorite), ornaments we've been gifted (not always what we like), and those we've carefully selected and love.  How do we place them all together and still have a wonderful tree.  

A couple of suggestions:
1. Have one larger tree with those beautiful ornaments you love and a smaller tree with the ornaments the kids have made through the years.
(Donate the ones your not crazy about.) 

2.  Strategically place all of the ornaments on one tree and use ONE common thread to weave all of the ornaments together.  Whether it's hanging them from the same color ribbon, or using the same garland throughout the tree, this will make your tree look like everything belongs together. 

For the Mantle, use seasonal greenery:  pine, magnolia leaves, boxwood, fresh cut herbs.  I love combining them with  flowers in dramatic arrangements.

It's about bringing the outdoors in!

 12/11 mantle
Photo courtesy of www.elizabethannedesigns.com 

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